FIRST Robotics World Championship 2022

We qualified for the FIRST Robotics World Championship!!

Y'all.  I can't begin to describe what a whirlwind this season as been. I mentor various groups of high school students who compete on a district-wide robotics team.  The groups I mentor range from mechanical engineering the robot mobility system, public speaking, marketing and business.

When we started this season we weren't sure what to expect.  Our active team size grew from 40 to 60+ and we were not sure if covid concerns would prevent us from competing in-person for the third year in a row.  Despite having an amazing group of kids, more than half the team had never participated in a competition before. 

When I say that the kids are amazing, I really mean it!  Check out these stats:

  • Built four robots (compared to our typical two) in approximately 9 weeks
  • Finished 9th overall in the District, consisting of all Texas and new Mexico teams
  • Won the Entrepreneurship Award
  • Won the District Engineering Inspiration Award
  • Won the District Championship Engineering Inspiration Award
  • Won the World Championship Judge's Award

Engineering Inspiration Award FIRST in Texas Robotic District Championship 2022

I helped start this team in 2014 and we have never won an award at the World Championship before!  I am so proud and excited for my students to be recognized for their efforts!

I am especially proud because the judges wanted to recognize our team for our efforts to serve the underrepresented and underserved communities in STEM.  Inclusion efforts are extremely important to our team.  While I mentor several groups of students, I am also the lead mentor supporting our Gearbox Girls and Brilliant Black Builders.  Both of these groups provide a support network within our team and they work to provide networking opportunities to the greater FIRST Robotics community.

Below is a recap video one of my students made from the FIRST in Texas District Championship.


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