The Mission

Coffee for a Cause

Did you know that according to a national study of thousands of young girls in 2017, a girls' confidence peaks at age 9?

Nine. Years. Old.

Every young girl deserves the chance to engage in activities free of stereotypes and full of confidence.

Too often society, culture or even family can influence young girls and their self-confidence even when it comes to just trying something new or different.

I'm Kara, founder of STEM Savvy Brew.  I'm a mechanical engineer by trade who is passionate about engaging young girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).  I have volunteered as a mentor for high school girls since 2013 working to engage and sustain more girls in STEM as well as boosting their confidence as a person. Every purchase you make, makes a difference in a girls' life.

My mission is to provide resources to local school districts specifically for hands-on STEM educational activities. I do this by donating at least 10% of all profits to STEM Education Non-Profit Organizations I have partnered with benefiting ages 4-18 such as FIRST Robotics.

I understand that changing the life a young girl happens over a sustained period one crucial conversation at a time.  In 2017, I started a tradition of weekly coffee house chats with my students.  Opening the door to build relationships, share advice, ask questions and work through struggles.

Tools and Tiaras

What can a few conversations with coffee accomplish?  Check out this website completely created by the high school students I work with to see the worldwide impact of their initiatives on the Gearbox Girls website.  Hear directly from my students about what they are working on together!

To learn even more about our important mission, visit my Blog page and follow me on social media @stemsavvybrew for updates on how your purchase is impacting young girls.

Each order you place, brings us just a little closer to our dream society where every girl has the confidence to pursue her passion and sustain that confidence well into adulthood.

Help us empower young girls one bag of coffee at a time!


Princess with Power Tools

In this picture above, you see our Founder, Kara, dressed as a Princess at the Gearbox Girls' Princesses with Power Tools event in February of 2020 introducing a young girl to the "Royal Robot" built by her high school students.