Valentine's Gift Ideas for Women in STEM


On February 14th, people celebrate Valentine's Day to commemorate the sacrifices of St. Valentine. The day is especially for lovers; people usually give gifts like flowers and chocolate (and teddy bears. Who could forget those giant teddy bears?).

But women in STEM face the single most nerve-wracking gift-giving day of the year. There are not many unique gift ideas for women in STEM, so you have to think twice about how to speak to her STEMinist heart!

To avoid any holiday stress, we at STEM Savvy Brew have compiled a list of unique items that women in STEM would love to receive as gifts on Valentine’s Day! 


Coffee is something that women in STEM can't get enough of. Whether it's the delicious flavor or the jolt of energy, women in STEM are all about their coffee. Our mission is to help young girls by donating to STEM education Non-Profits. Coffee may be helping women in STEM accomplish this goal - but it would not be possible without support of STEM advocates like you!  

You can choose from single-origin coffee, flavored coffee, coffee blends in different types of roasts and have them delivered as a gift.  We have an extensive range of coffee for every type and preference. The best part? You are having an impact of the next generation of women in STEM with every purchase!


You will never go wrong when you give a unique coffee mug. And it doesn't have to be just for Valentine's Day! We have unique designs perfect for her birthday, work anniversary or any special day of the year. Engineers, a data scientists, and doctors, you name it!  We have unique gift ideas you can't find anywhere else!


Brilliant data scientists need to be empowered and have confidence in their work. This is why we created the theme notebooks for data professionals, creative women who are also badass and deserve credit for their talent!


Scented candles are something that all women enjoy anytime of year. It's an affordable self-care gift, but they will definitely appreciate it. You can choose scented candles in different scents - Minted Lavender and Sage, White Tea and Fig, Ocean Mist and Moss. Give the gift of an excuse to rest and recharge!


Because there is nothing like a comfy t-shirts that reflects your unique STEM style, right?

These shirts will be the perfect gift for women in STEM who love comfy stylish tees, or just a general gift that you could give to a woman in STEM on Valentine’s Day!  And Valentine's Day! It's affordable and easy to buy online.  Plus profits benefit hands on activities for young girls in STEM!


This gift is perfect for working women who are always on the go. Our awesome stainless-steel STEM-themed tumblers come with an easy sipping lid that locks tight so nothing spills it while driving or wherever life takes us! This sleek cup fits nicely in any standard vehicle's cup holders (or even better yet--the fridge door) AND can be enjoyed at home as well thanks to its slim design.



An engineer is someone who designs and manages activities involved in the creation or modification of plans, schedules, projects (such as buildings), machines (elevators), equipment; works on construction sites managing concrete pouring into foundation pours for houses etc., so why not get them one of these awesome "I do look like an Engineer" and “Show Me the Data” stickers? They're perfect gifts!


Nothing beats giving the woman you love a gift card for her choosing. The perfect way to show how much she means in your life; this is one of those ideas that will make any day better! It will save you the headache of deciding what will speak to her plus, profits will benefit young women aspiring to be engineers and scientists!

 Women in STEM need practical gifts, not just symbolic ones. What do you think about my list of items for the stylish engineer, doctor, biologist, scientist and other women in STEM? I hope that this list has given you some great ideas for the amazing woman in your life.

 We hope that you find this list of items for women in STEM useful to help her feel valued and appreciated especially this Valentine's. Happy Valentine’s Day!