Meet Our Single-Origin Coffee Beans

STEM Savvy Brew believes that the world's best coffee beans are right at your fingertips. With our locally sourced and roasted coffees, you can taste each country's unique environment while sipping a delicious cup of joe.  Our team has sourced coffees from local coffee farms around the world with their distinct flavors and taste.

But first, what is a single-origin coffee?

Single-origin coffee is simply a bean grown from one specific geographic location. It may come from an individual farm, or multiple farms in the same country and can even include blends of coffees grown around different regions for varying flavors!

We have grouped the origin of our coffee beans per continent. Namely North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia! Each country has its own terroir in a sense and produces a unique flavor profile based on tasting notes, soil type, altitude, and many other factors.

single-origin coffee stem savvy brew


North America: Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala

Our coffee beans from these regions generally grow from volcanic loam and clay minerals. The altitude ranging from 900-1600 meters yields subtle tasting notes that range from sweet apple, honey, to cocoa, cinnamon, and citrusy tones.

Costa Rica

The rich volcanic soil in the Alajuela region of Costa Rica is home to some of the world's finest tasting coffees. Sweet apples and raisins give way gradually into honey notes that will have you coming back for more!


Coffee beans from Marcala, La Paz Honduras are grown at an altitude of 1300-1700 meters. The rich soil and constant sunlight provide for the growth of these special coffee plants that produce notes including caramel flavor with spice undertones as well as a brown sugar sweetness in each sip.


From the highlands of Nicaragua, beans are grown at an altitude between 900 and 1590 meters on rich soil with clay minerals. The subtle cocoa, floral and citrus tones that can be tasted in these coffee beans come from this unique environment as well; it's what gives them their strong body but still light flavor profile.


The beans from Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico are grown at an altitude of 900-1000 meters on soil rich in clay minerals. What makes these coffee beans distinct, besides their high-quality taste for those who love them is also the chocolatey aroma that fills your nose when they first hit your lips right after drinking; cinnamon spice mixed into every sip along with a light sweet green apple flavor as well.


From Antigua, Guatemala - beans are a specialty. They've grown at an altitude of 1200-1616 meters on nitisols (perhaps the most inherently fertile soil because it has high nutrient contents and deep permeable structure). The result? A distinct dark chocolate taste with bright fruit flavors that come from this nutritious crop!

South America: Colombia, Brazil, Peru


This coffee is a rich and flavorful expression of Terroir. The beans hail from Medellin in Antioquia, Colombia but their home is made through beautiful volcanic loam at an altitude of just over 1300 meters! Hints of dried orange peel can be detected as well as berry flavors—notably chocolate when brewed with care.


Brazil is the world's leading grower source of coffee beans. Our robusta arabica-grown from Parana and Sao Paulo at an altitude ranging 750 - 1050 meters, provides a smooth cup with cocoa notes!


Peru is the largest exporter of organic coffee. Our coffee beans are grown from mountainous regions in Amazonas and Piura, where clay minerals at an altitude of 1100-1700 meters provide their distinctive caramel aroma with notes reminiscent of citrus fruit or honeydew on a hot day!

Africa: Ethiopia, Tanzania


Ethiopia, a coffee-growing region since the 1500s. Ethiopia is where you can find some truly amazing beans and drinks that are not only delicious but also rich in history!  Our beans are grown from Sidama Zone, Ethiopia at 1700 to 1900 meters in altitude on nitisols (a type of topsoil). These "milky chocolate" and fruity notes make for an awesome cup!


Tanzania is the third-largest coffee producer in Africa and produces about one percent of the world's Arabica beans. Our farm grows its crops from rich clay minerals at an altitude 1200-1900 meters high, where they yield floral, jasmine-tasting notes with strawberry undertones.

Asia: Bali

Our coffee bean from Asia! This sweet and chocolatey bean is grown from the mountains of Kintamani, Bali in Indonesia. These coffee beans grow high up at volcanic soil with an altitude of 1200-1600 meters.

Australia: Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is known for its flavorful coffee beans, and these are some of the world's most delicious coffee beans. The high altitude (1350meters) at which they've grown means that this flavor profile has an extra special note to it with caramelized sugars sweetened by fruity flavors from Chimbu province in Papua New Guinea

When you're looking for the perfect brew, single origins offer a unique experience. With their specific flavors and distinct tastes, they create masterful cups that is absolutely exquisite in every sip! 

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